About Us

SOLS Energy aspires to future-proof the world through the power of technology & sustainable energy.

As a tech-enabled company, we are the leading sustainable energy providers for the residential market and are rapidly growing in the commercial sector. We utilize the world’s best solar inverters from Austria, panels from Canada & China and cables from Germany.

We provide the highest quality solar installation that lasts over 25 years and is best priced in the market. We have also established the first and only solar academy in Malaysia training youth from poor communities thus providing quality and time-saving installations.

Our Mission

To connect people, businesses and humanitarians to real sustainable energy solutions.

Our Story

More than 6 years ago, we had a vision – to live on a planet where clean & affordable energy is accessible to anyone, anywhere. We knew that unless we free ourselves from a dependence on fossil fuels, we are condemning future generations to a global climate crisis. To achieve this, we had to make people realise the power of sustainable energy and the benefits it brings – good financial returns, job opportunities and protecting Mother Nature.
We harness the power of technology and made sure our business created a real impact for our customers, team members and the planet.
Today, with more than 100 projects, SOLS Energy is the leading solar installer for residential homes and we are rapidly growing in the commercial sector.


We’re licensed and accredited with the following agencies.

Systems Integrator
Licensed Contractor
Certified Service Provider
Impact Driven Enterprise
Registered Green Company
Official Contractor


Some of the awards we have won over the years:

  • EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUMCCI) – Best Sustainability Leader Award – 2018
  • Augustman Magazine– Man of the Year (Education) – 2018
  • Astro Uruthunai Award – Community Champion – 2018
  • The BrandLaureate CSR BrandLeadership Award – Education and Social Empowerment – 2018
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year, SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards – 2017
  • UNESCO Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation – 2016
  • First Malaysian – International Ford Motor Company Fellowship by 92Y, Columbia University, New York – 2015

Academy of Innovation

We established the first and only Solar Academy in Malaysia in 2014, SOLS Academy of Innovation is an education and boarding programme that provides technical skills in the solar industry and personal development training to young underprivileged Malaysians, The programme is for 18 months, and it offers practical training in solar system installation.

Meet Boy (Baharom)

He is an Orang Asli youth who comes from Kampong Pasar, Pahang. His life has been transformed by the SOLS Academy of Innovation. He joined SOLS as a student in 2012 and after 18 months of training in English, character development, solar energy and environmental science, today, he is working as one of our key technical staff in SOLS Energy as a certified solar lead installer. With his knowledge and practical skills, he now has the opportunity of working in the renewable energy industry, further developing himself, and achieving a better future.